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Look behind the locked doors, the shuttered windows. Look under the rumpled beds and into the dark corners. In your town, or any other, you'll discover secret passions, hidden sins and aberrations. You'll see good folks and bad ones and those in between, pitilessly revealed in their most intimate moments . . .

That's what Vic Radford had to do—peer at people like Marti Saylor, a beauty queen with peculiar cravings for men's clothing in odd sizes. Nancy Ellis, an easy-to-love brunette who'd practiced prostitution. Walter Demay, a broker who put his capital into stocks and blondes. Colonel Warren, accustomed to giving orders to men, and twelve-year old girls. And of course there was Vic's own wife, Debby, too young and pretty just to sit around waiting.

Yes, these are some of the people Vic probed and prodded and peeped at—and made love to. For Vic had a risky game to play, a game of revenge and strange compulsion. Wit him, in this unabashed novel, you will peer into peek behind the bushes, stare through picture windows, enter a boudoir or two until one night you'll see . . . ! 

Strip the Town Naked - Whit Harrison (Harry Whittington)

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