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Bobbie drew a deep, impassioned breath as a score of tangled yearnings burst in her mind. How rich, to be able to control an older woman!


“You have a beautiful body, Marion,” she whispered. Her voice accelerated as her passion budded.


“On that bed, Marion, or I’ll kill you . . .”


Unable to control herself any longer, she lunged forward and gave Marion a shove from behind. Marion fell to her knees. Bobbie paused for an instant to take stock of the limp body. The line of Marion’s spine was deep and rhythmic. The curves had exquisite beauty. With her face buried in her hands, Marion seemed as if she were praying.


Bobbie knew she had to be quick. She must not let Marion have a chance to recover. With an evil little smile, she drew back her hand and smacked Marion. “Get up, get up!” she cried as her hand cracked like a whiplash.


Marion moaned. Without turning her head, she stumbled to the bed.


With a little cry of triumph, Bobbie fell on her . . .

The Shadowy Sex by Hilary Hilton

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