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Gloria Miller was the prettiest piece of cheesecake ever to bait a shutterbug. Once she poked her long-stemmed self into view, Brick Hayden knew he would have to turn over his place to her—or do anything else she wanted him to do, which was plenty!


Soon Gloria and her queer coterie of figure models and camera fans took possession of Brick’s domain, and the fun began. It became downright hilarious when Faye Weaver, a redheaded mannequin with all the redheaded virtues—and vices—installed herself in Brick's most private premises.


Brick had his hands full trying to move out Faye so he could move in Gloria. And when Faye blew her carrot-top, it became clear that shutter-snapping and volleyball weren't the only sports in which this weird “camera club” indulged . . .


Bonnie spelled DANGER 

Men were impelled toward her as though they were under hypnosis.

Bonnie knew what she wanted—and she didn’t care who she sacrificed in her drive to get it!

Trapped/Teaser by Orrie Hitt

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