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Paul Hackett's life had been bounded by conventional morality until he came to New York and met lovely but corrupt Erika Rains. Paul soon left his wife for Erika, and plunged with her into a weird, surrealistic world of violent pleasures and uninhibited lovers, until Erika's neurotic mother came to town. Then Paul found out what kind of girl Erika really was, and where their desperate affair was taking them. 

Here is the intimate, revealing story of life and love in New York's Bohemian Underworld. It is an off-beat tale of tormented people seeking bizarre stimulation in unexpected places. It's a world of hoodlums and strip-teasers on Park Avenue, artists and college girls in Greenwich Village. It's a story of one innocent young man, trapped by his infatuation for a depraved girl in this modern inferno of the lost and the damned. The lure of depravity was fierce. Will it swallow Paul alive or will he break free? 

All Passion Spent by Chandler Brossard

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