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A call girl is anybody . . . maybe your boss's wife or yours . . . maybe your sweetheart, yes, even your daughter! For the cal! girl comes from any walk of life—every level of today's lust- ridden, money-mad, sales-crazy society. Working by appointment only, she may give more satisfaction in a night than some women do in a lifetime. If you've got the expense account and your name is "John" you probably have her number. And you'll probably use it, if you don't give a hang what happens to yourself—or her ...


A lot of Johns had Sherry's number at Central Hotel—and then along came Harry Barnes, to whom she gave a new exchange: LOve 1-0000— a number no one had ever dialed before. Could she hide her trade from Harry, and so manage to steal him from a wife said to give away to many what Sherry sold to a few? If so, Sherry would have to depend on friends who were worse than enemies, friends like Ma Williams, the madam. Flame-haired Billie Gordon, who loved bawdry and nothing else. Joe Dolan, who wanted to blackmail Sherry. Skinny Lane, the ex-rapist looking for more of same. And, of course, a drunken father who swore Sherry had been sired by another man!

Call Me Bad by Orrie Hitt

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