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Tony had his dreams—wild, raging dreams, laced through with flesh and fury, strong as wine in his blood. But he had his ideals, too. He wanted to stay clean.

He could keep his dreams to himself. Someday, maybe, he’d have time for them, when he was older.


But he didn’t stand a chance. Not after he met Vicky . . . married, beautiful, bored.

She took him in hand. She teased him and tempted him and tore up his soul. And then she cast him aside.

Dark the Summer Dies is the story of the waning season of adolescence, when temptation borders on fear, when desire borders on repression, when love borders on shame.

It is the story of a boy who dreamed of being a man . . . and whose dreams came true, too soon.

Dark the Summer Dies by Walter Untermeyer

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