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Even the vilest slums can nurture a flower. This one’s name was Mary Sharpe, and at seventeen she still had not been picked. But all around her were filth and depravity and lust . . . and boys intent on possessing her . . . like evil Joe Summers, and that burly Sam.


Sam was Mary’s first lover, and with him she discovered there was more to sex than ugliness. But Sam was involved with an older woman, hot- blooded Lucy Dolan, who had no intention of doing without his strong, young arms. So Mary, in despair, let herself be sullied by the despicable Joe, who promptly involved her lush body in a vile scheme . . .


A well-used little girl of the streets, Janice Herbert, had the wiles to cope with Joe and distracted him from Mary’s loveliness. This left Mary free to win back big Sam. But to do so, there was only one way. Mary would have to prove herself as good a woman as that voluptuous, attractive, love-skilled Lucy Dolan!

Ex-Virgin by Orrie Hitt

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