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BUSINESSES large and small, as the newspapers attest, don’t hesitate to use sex to sell their products. It adorns the ads—is made available to visiting buyers—features the sales meetings. The average business convention is bawdier than a girlie show! Maybe it isn’t right, but if the corporations get away with it—why shouldn’t those wandering magazine-sales crews? Why shouldn’t those handsome boys and girls who come knocking on your door be allowed to sweeten the pitch with, say, a few kisses?

SUCH was the theory of young June Fairweather, whose sulky charms captivated crew captain Les Drake—and revolutionized the crew's methods. Hiring other lovelies as accessible as herself, she demonstrated that male prospects succumbed a lot easier if they were offered a little more than magazines. But trouble developed in the person of cute Ellen Cross, who shared the crew captain’s arms with June. Ellen suddenly announced that she was under age . . . 

From Door to Door by Orrie Hitt

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