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Luscious Stephanie’s previous husbands could have guessed her destination when she boarded the plane for Las Vegas ... this time to shed Walter Sellers. Completely inexperienced when he had married her, Walter still rated the best of her husband’s according to Stephanie’s grading system—which meant he had the most money. So why was she divorcing him? Simply because he took such a puritanical view about finding her in bed with another man. 

But that was Stephanie all over. She could not keep from tumbling into bed with men . . . including her landlady’s husband in Nevada’s sizzling metropolis.

And could she be expected to change her ways, once she was back in New York living off her divorce-settlement money? Not likely . . . not after sighting the likes of handsome well- heeled Jim Halloway— and granting him nighttime guest privileges in her one-woman boudoir club.


It was then she discovered that Jim knew the ropes of lovemaking as no other man—reaching heights that she herself had never scaled. But he was wily enough to have no interest in getting tied into matrimonial knots. It was then too that Walter decided he wanted her back in his now cold and empty bed. Just what would Stephanie do when Walter set out to raise her temperature to white heat? Could he make her forget their marital fiasco? Was he man enough to surpass Jim Halloway's acknowledged talent? 

Husband Chaser by Sheldon Lord (Peter Hochstein)

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