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I'll Call Every Monday

Her name was Irene . . .


She was right up close. I could see the smoke coming into her eyes, dreamy and hot. I pulled her to me and I wasn't gentle about it. For an instant I worried about her husband and her plan—but I couldn't take time out to care.


There's something about a bewitching woman that always gets to the other side of a man. The side where violence and love live, in a tight embrace . . .


Love in the Arctic

Janey—passionate, vicious Janey—a woman a man would not soon forget!


Yet, here was Steve Cannon trying to run away from a past that wouldn't stay buried—even after he travelled three thousand miles to dig the grave.


And, then, he met Chris, the blonde native girl with the wild beauty, who had been loved and betrayed—but who wasn't afraid of losing again.


Keflazik Airport appeared only as a tiny dot in the harsh, bitter world of the Midnight Sun. The great planes came and went, sweeping out over the dark vastness of the North Atlantic, while Americans and natives loved and fought—and loved some more.


Here is a fast-moving story of Americans away from home. At times humorous, at times tragic—but always frank—this is a down-to-earth saga of those men and women who follow the pleasure trails of the globe. This is the story of your neighbor working on “top of the world,” unrestrained by conventions and freed of all inhibitions. You'll laugh at the "new army" that occupies Keflazik, you'll be shocked by the strange customs of the island, you’ll thrill to the animal passions that tumble out of the great snow reaches of the North—and you'll every single page of Love in the Arctic.

I'll Call Every Monday/Love in the Arctic by Orrie Hitt

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