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Returning to Florida after fighting guerrillas in Laos, Quint Napier found himself faced with corrupt Cline Listra who was determined to take possession of Quint’s vast tract of cyprus-rich swampland.

As if that wasn’t enough, Quint found himself up to his ears in woman trouble. Fully intending to marry Trudy Kelsey, the girl he’d left behind, he had the misfortune to run into luscious Marian Listra—Cline’s young wife—who knew how to stake out a claim on a man no matter what his previous commitments. To complicate matters further, Lorrie Kelsey, his fiancée’s kid sister, had every intention of making him her own.


An honest man, he wanted no part of extracurricular female entanglements. A brave man, he refused to give up his land. A susceptible man, he took what the women had to offer and still found time to wage a war against Listra and his hired thugs.

Like Wild by Eric Allen

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