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It takes talent to become an actress . . . a talent for performing, and a talent for pleasing the bosses after hours. But what happens when the woman has reached the top, and only has to satisfy herself—and a nymphomaniac need?



Cindy Boyd was good as a star. As a woman she taught other females the meaning of betrayal . . . by stealing their men. As a woman of uncontrollable sexual desires she took the men she wanted, then cast them off.



Cindy Boyd was bad, but an agile thief who knew how to feed her wild appetites. And to get Fred Yale, another woman’s man, she did not hesitate to stage one of the best seduction scenes of her career as a big time performer.



But Cindy Boyd had other men—Kettering, Turk, Hulse, and Saber—in her life, too, and more than one of them was an adept juggler of money . . . and sex. And that threatened to rob her of what she needed . . . morning, noon and night!

Love Thief by Orrie Hitt

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