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Those intriguing women of Hawaii—brown, gold, ivory, and all the shades between—are far more of an attraction than its famous beaches. This sunny Eden is now our fiftieth state, and its voluptuous lovelies wear nylons and shop in supermarkets. But today, as ever, Hawaii’s girls are its greatest glory. 


Take pretty Vicki Ching, who can mix a cocktail or drive a car, but at heart, remains a warm-blooded wahine. Any tourist, if she likes him, is welcome to her bed. Island girls like Vicki are taught to believe in love. Bought love—free love—any kind of love—


Vicki’s artless promiscuity completely bewitched Steve Curry, as it did so many visiting Americans. Her lusts, unashamed, made the passions of stateside women seem prim and pale. But when Steve moved in with her, the mainland maidens fought back. Statuesque Helen Wilson and blonde Nancy Tuthill figured they could outdo Vicki at love—or anything else. After all, she was only a little hula tart from the Honolulu slums . . .

Lust in Paradise by William Vaneer

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