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Jules had been in this kind of situation with Polly before. He knew exactly what to do. He lay down on top of her. He pressed his mouth hard against hers. The screams turned into a muffled protest.


“I said shut up, damn it,” Jules bellowed. “Shut up or I’ll slug you, Polly.”


“Yes,” Polly said, “go ahead and slug me. Everybody slugs Polly. Go ahead. Why should you be different? All I am is a handy piece of meat.”


“Shut up,” Jules said again.


“You never talk to me on campus,” Polly sobbed. “You never even bother to say hello. You don’t take me to the movies or anything. The only time you talk to me is when you—when you want my body.”


Jules did what he had promised to do, his fist slamming into her flesh.


That was how it was with Polly, Jules thought. She liked guys to walk all over her. In fact she loved it.


“Oh, Jules,” Polly gasped. “Oh, Jules!”

Older Woman by Sheldon Lord (Milo Perichitch)

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