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Her body was blonde—her heart was black!


Skin as tempting as hers, figured Lindsey Hayes, could get her anything she wanted—and she was right. The boys fell all over themselves to trade favors for her hot, delicious love. Soon she had prostituted herself to the top in the crazy world of rock ’n roll! But on the way she acquired rivals like pretty Billy Mitchell, with the baby fat still on her. Like redheaded Vivian Blaine, who thrived on desire and dope. Each desperately needed Johnny McCoy, the wild young maestro . . . each fought for him with the secret weapon every girl uses best . . .


It looked like a picnic for Johnny and his harem of hep-kittens. Until Lindsey, drunk on rock ’n roll, schemed to break his heart—and his golden horn!

Rock 'n Roll Girl by Ernie Weatherall

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