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His choice of three women—plus a million bucks! That was the delightful prospect facing Blacky. He had parlayed a little nerve and a lot of sex appeal into access to those quiz questions. The rest ought to be easy!


He had already sampled the girls. Sleek Lois Winchester, love-hungry daughter of the quiz program sponsor. Grace Piney, who had wheedled an inside job for Blacky in return for his caresses. Little blue-eyed Sarah, blonde and innocent as cornsilk, who would enter as a contestant, make the right responses, and . . .


But wait! To possess the prize money, Blacky would also have to possess pretty Sarah. Would Lois like that? And Grace—vengeful Grace—surely she would upset the applecart unless he supplied all the love she wanted!


Can a TV quiz show be rigged? This daring—startling novel takes you behind the scenes of the mad ad agency world disclosing the sin, the swindle—and the scandal!

Rotten to the Core by Orrie Hitt

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