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In this book,

you will meet only

fascinating men and women . . .


Paul Dobson, M.D.—He rejuvenated the faces and bosoms of his charming patients. But sometimes they wanted additional attentions . . .


Lena Dobson—If her husband was too busy for her, why should she worry? His brother, Jimmy, was always around to amuse her. Also, there was that handsome Latin, Juan Quito . . .


Louise Hines—She was willing to take any man she could get. And she got not only Paul, but young Jimmy, too . . .


Nancy Andrews—A widow, yes—but she was still young, still pretty, and still burning with the needs of a healthy, ardent woman . . .


Joyce French—She was much too good a girl to have tempted the doctor’s brother into ravishing her. Or was she?


The lives of these people, Inextricably entwined, are starkly revealed In this fresh and exciting novel. Never has there been a more candid picture of a doctor’s temptations in suburban society!

Sex is a Woman by Sheldon Lord

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