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Dark secrets tainted Martin’s family. Too long had his clan ruled this corner of the Bayou country, with access to any female of their choice. Now he was dying to marry luscious young Kathy—but she was his niece. Or was she? Actually, she might be his own daughter. 


For her mother, it seems, had been no better than she had to be. Martin had had a torrid affair with her until just before the birth of Kathy. . . . 

There was also the Creole beauty with whom Martin had been sharing a thrilling intimacy over the years. He could not . . . would not . . . give her up, so only one solution remained. Marry the first, continue an affair with the other. Unless, of course, the white girl was taboo because of guilty blood relationship . . . ! Or would that really matter? 

Spawn of the Bayou by John B. Thompson

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