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When glamorous Zane Hunter was imported to star in the I college play, the young drama students expected plenty—and they got it! Zane immediately corrupted the campus dramatist, Dale Sullivan, using him to slake her strange thirsts. She played peculiar games with other men, too . . . 


Dale, for relief, turned to pretty Julie Hilton. He really loved her, not knowing that Julie was a girl who enjoyed questionable ecstasies with other girls-notably the blonde and baby-skinned co-ed, Anita!


Wild with jealousy, Zane staged a sadistic scene. She forced Julie into the role of a plaything shared by herself and Anita—then called in Dale to witness the girl’s degradation. But like many a drama, this one had a twist. It gave Julie the chance to escape her secret lusts!

Strange Thirsts by Michael Norday

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