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He discovered why his brand-new wife was so cold—when he surprised her with his daughter!


“She was so beautiful. Not too much older than Rosemary. Her coldness on our wedding night I thought was fear. But when I found her with my own daughter, I knew my cute little kitten was a terrible tiger cub.”



Beatrice Queen—She married an older man because it was the only way she could get to his daughter!


Rosemary Moran—She said she would give him the love he had missed.


Cora Mayles—She watched with horror the wrecking of the man she loved, forced to stand by as he played Russian roulette with his life.


Hank Neuberger—A detective whose hobby was beating up homosexuals, male and female. The scene was made to order for his private pleasure.


The hair-raising story of a man's gamble with a girl who married him for his daughter!

The Strange Young Wife by Kel Holland

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