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Can a doctor always resist involvement with women patients?

The return to the Medical Center of tall, dark and handsome Dr. Jim Patterson started a train of events that led straight to the door of “Emergency Surgery.” But while life-and-death decisions were being fought out between Jim and his enemy-superior, Dr. Louis Fleming, love-and-career decisions were also being fought out and fought over by the women who wanted them.

Dora Bailey, once Jim’s mistress is still madly in love with him. Rosemary Fleming, neglected by the ambitious Louis is casting a longing eye in Jim Patterson's direction while Louis goes after Dora. Finally, Shirley, beautiful ex-showgirl, ex-local-down-and-outer before winning a beauty contest, appears on the scene to complicate all their lives. Married to rich wheeler- dealer Wilbur Carson, Shirley, too, was once involved with Jim when he had been just an interne at the Medical Center and when his skillful surgery had saved her life.

The question of whether or not to perform major brain surgery on Shirley brings the many love-and- career rivalries to a head—and confronts Jim Patterson with his final choice.
A career love story of doctors, nurses and patients in a busy urban hospital.

The Tempted by Kel Holland

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