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Not much is known about the adolescent girls who roam the city streets with young hoodlums, who carry on shamelessly in cellar clubs, who try dope, assault, sex—anything for kicks! But here at last is a brutally honest novel that tells the truth about these young trollops. Here are detailed the reckless passions often degenerating into unutterable vileness. Here are pictured with stark realism the rumbles, the raw conflicts, the uncontrolled needs so notoriously common, yet so little understood. 


The story revolves around pretty Ava Flynn, actually a girl from a nice home—and her lovely, wild friend, Hope Gardner. Hope runs with the Wildcats, and soon inducts Ava into the world of junk and shivs, of socialized sex. Once started down, Ava falls swiftly. We witness the weakening of her moral fiber which turns her to stranger paths—greater excesses. 

Yet in the end, a way out is found for Ava, if only she is strong enough to take it—a way out not only for girls like Ava and Hope, but for all who are concerned with curing the cancer of delinquency! 

The Torrid Teens by Orrie Hitt

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