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Al was sitting in a booth with Sally. He was staring at a man who had been peering avidly at Sally’s very short shorts.
The man at the bar got up to leave and Leeds said, “You owe the lady a dollar, Mister.”
The man turned. “What for?”
“I figure you got a dollar’s worth of fun out of staring at her legs. Pay her.” He grabbed the man’s arm.
The man hesitated and Leeds tightened his grip, his eyes hooded and dangerous. The man put his hand in his pocket and threw a dollar on the table. Leeds let him go and he walked quickly out of the bar.
Sally said, “What’d you do that for?”
“I wanted to scare him out of a dollar.”
She stared at him for a moment, then she began to laugh. . . .

The Trailer Park Girls by Glenn Canary

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