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Today nearly one couple in ten lives in a mobile home—one of those trailers you see bunched up in crazy camps near every sizable town. Some critics argue that in such surroundings love tends to become casual. Feverish affairs take place virtually right out in the open. Social codes take strange and shocking twists. . . .  

“TRAILER TRAMP" was what they called Anne Mitchell—for she symbolized the twisted morality of the trailer camps. Yet Anne was only the victim of explosive passion—the dupe of a sadistic brute—and convenient comfort to lads set on fire by other girls!


Yes, Anne was fair game for passing strangers, peeping Toms; her husband dealt her lusts and blows. But this book shocks not by its portrayal of her degradation—rather, by boldly bringing to light the conditions typical of trailer life.

Trailer Camp Woman by Doug Duperrault

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