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Woman Chaser
ONE WOMAN—She was on the bed, lying on the black silk sheets that made her white flesh even whiter. She was on her back, arms outflung, one leg bent at the knee and gracefully curved …


ANOTHER WOMAN—Although she never actually caught him, she knew the meaning of the lipstick stains on his collar, the smell of another woman’s perfume on him…. She was drinking steadily during the day at home. Then she started to get stoned at parties far too early …


AND ANOTHER—“I thought I was with the boy I’d been out with earlier in the evening. By the time I realized it was really Les, my sister’s husband, it was just a little too late. It wasn’t altogether the poor guy’s fault. You see, I used to tease him …!”


Dee was the blonde-bombshell idol of the teen-agers. To retain her youthful bloom, she needed one sex adventure after another.


Mona was more mature, a devotee of the amorous arts. So while her husband was away, she needed companionship—reliable, discreet and vigorous.


Ed was a raw recruit to this virulent video world. So he couldn’t resist lovely, impulsive Dee, whose concept of love was lusty but amateurish. Nor could he withstand beautiful Mona, whose tastes were more selective than Dee’s—and therefore harder to satisfy …


It was a ball for Ed Brewster, except that he kept thinking of the pretty, little wife he had left back home. When the small-town bride suddenly showed up, an explosion followed.


Woman Chaser/Cheater by Robert Turner

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